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World trade is serviced by movement of cargoes which involves raw materials from mostly developing countries to manufactured goods from the far east to the rest of the world. In classification the different cargo types could be categorized under four broad categories. They are: 1. Container 2. General Cargo 3. Dry Bulk 4. Liquid Bulk

Container- These are cargoes that are transported by means of shipping containers.

General Cargo- These are cargoes that are transported in unitized/countable modes e.g. cartons, boxes, bags, crates, kegs, tanks etc.

Dry Bulk- These are powdery/ grainy /pelleted cargo types that are in loose dry forms. They are transported in mass by pouring in large volumes into  cargo holds of vessels.

Liquid Bulk- These are liquid cargo types that are transported by pumping them into huge tanks within the ship hold.

This analysis compares the percentage share of each of these cargo types in the total volume of cargoes that were transported through the sea.