Port for Sale? Road for Lease? China is Buying…

Trade has always been driven by the dynamics of its logistics chain. At the backbone of this is transportation on land, air and water. For a nation to optimize its trade potentials it must fully develop these areas of interest. This fact is not lost to the Chinese people as it has continually done this over the years. With the largest and most modern ports in the world, China has become a master of trade and logistics and it has now started exporting it to the world in a big way. China is funding or buying up rail, road and seaport projects around the world at a level never seen before.

They started with the quiet acquisition of shares and controlling interests in major ports around the world. This was about a decade ago. Now the equation has changed. The whole initiative has been wholly formalized under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the spending spree has been expanded into rail, road, gas and energy projects. what seemed like uncoordinated purchases have been harmonized into a carefully thought out strategic plan.

The roll-call is endless:

China has moved from the funding and development of its local ports to that of foreign countries. It has been estimated that it had invested over $20 billion into seaports of other countries. China knows what it wants stepping into the future and its seriously going for it. The big one is nobody can stop it now, not even the United States- its greatest adversary.