New Zealand: Christchurch’s Killings

Every news channel have been discussing the events that took place during the mass shootings in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand by Brenton Tarrant. He had meticulously planned the attack and had adopted the use of social media in broadcasting his madness. Key among his actions were giving live stream of the shootings and posting a 67 page manifesto online shortly before the start of the event. The document was loaded with anti-minority, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim contents. In order to have better insight into the events, we want to discuss the psychology of Breton Tarrant: mass murderer, white supremacist and terrorist.

The Choice of Christchurch, New Zealand

Tarrant is an Australian citizen who had chosen the city of Dunedin, New Zealand (about 225 miles from Christchurch) to live. He had also traveled extensively around the world. With no criminal records in both New Zealand and Australia it was not easy for the law enforcement agencies to monitor him for extremist views.

Shooting Innocent Unarmed People

Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend the inner psychology of hardhearted killers. It takes a lot of coldness and vile to pull trigger on helpless people whose only form of resistance would be their death groan. These group included the elderly and young children.

Fleeing From Second Mosque when confronted

The assessment of the casualty levels at the two mosques that were attacked were quite startling. The New Zealand police informed that 42 people were killed at central Christchurch’s Al Noor Mosque. This is a sharp contrast to seven causalities that were lost at the Linwood Mosque. In all 50 people were confirmed to have died. (One more victim died at the hospital). The sharp contrast in the casualty levels at the two mosques was attributed to the actions taken by certain individuals at the Linwood Mosque. When Tarrant initiated his attack on the second mosque, a 48 year old Afghan- born man, Abdul Aziz did the unprecedented by confronting him. Aziz was said to have used a credit card machine as his first battle ordnance against the armed terrorist. He threw the device at the gunman and did not back down with stalking him afterwards. This was being done in addition to the dodging of bullets from Tarrant.

At some point, Tarrant was said to have  dropped the shotgun he was holding. It had run out of ammunition. He was said to have proceeded to his car to pick another loaded weapon. He had come with three different guns. Aziz was said to have picked up the empty shotgun and pulled the trigger; no shot rang out. The bullets had been expended on innocent devotees. Aziz then threw the gun through the killer’s car window. Tarrant was said to have swore and drove off instead of going in again for more killings. The police said he still had two other loaded guns as well as two homemade explosives in his car. The bold effort on Aziz’s part might have put Tarrant off. Minutes later, two police officers from another town who were in the area rammed the suspect’s car into a curb and took him into custody, ending the worst mass murder in New Zealand’s modern history.

From the analyses above, these facts are obvious:

  1. Tarrant choose a an easy and soft target in Christchurch, New Zealand. Why did he not try it in Australia?
  2. He likely had some psychological disorder. How can he be so cool at shooting innocent people
  3. Despite his bravado with gun, he was afraid to die. He abandoned Linwood as soon as he was challenged
  4. He had been planning the massacre for months. He uploaded his manifesto online a few moments before the killings and live-streamed the actual terror attack
  5. He had traveled wide before the attack and had visited Muslim dominated countries such as Turkey and Pakistan. Here is the list of countries he had visited: Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, Montenegro and Serbia, Pakistan, Turkey and the UK. He could have struck in these places too.