Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual copy of a physical asset that is designed from real-time data, generated by sensors monitoring the various attributes of the asset. The twin is created to simulate physical behavior and monitor operational capabilities. Digital twins can replicate the behavior of many real-world objects, from factory equipment to industrial facilities, power stations installations, logistics components etc.
The benefits of Digital Twins include:
  • Predictive Capabilities
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Accelerated Production Time
  • Improved Performance

The Digital Twins technology is currently being used in many industries including Transport and Logistics, Engineering, Manufacturing, Energy, Automotive Design, Aerospace, Healthcare etc.

Types of Digital Twins Component Twins Component twins, or parts twins are the digital representation of a single component in an entire system.
Asset Twins Asset twins are digital images of two or more components in a system created to represent how the components interact with each other.
System Twins System twins are designed with digital images of all the components of the system. They are made to showcase how an entire system behaves.
Process Twins As the name indicates, Process twins is designed to showcase the process flow and interactions within an entire system .